Current affairs and the trolls dancing on the palm of government and media ➤

Current affairs and the trolls dancing on the palm of government and media

Current affairs and the trolls dancing on the palm of government and media

we hear news about all these scandals, but when it reached Deuba’s wife we got distracted by 100 Kg gold

they try to bring pardon in criminal cases under political cover

Then comes teachers protest

Then now they are talking about “Poor people problem and how streets should be open for these poor people”

TBH it’s harsh to accept but look around you, almost every one of you is one paycheck away from being poor while most are unemployed. You aren’t the one supposed to talk about poor.

You aren’t realizing we will soon have no youth to work in this country. You will soon realize there is no government actions for the youth to stay inside the country and provide employment. You will soon realize you will be the one to attend those “I am disappointed in you(th)” protest for some paid amount of money because there is no job at this country and you have nothing else to do. The economy is collapsing. You will feel like the only thing that could give you better future is going abroad.

Sometimes, I feel like the whole media and government is just trying to create fuss every day so that the people will not complain about the actual problem. You like Balen or hate Balen, that shouldn’t be a concerned of mine but when you look at it ethically you will see opening stalls on the street is just not right and you have no good reason than saying “oh they are so poor, what would they do?”

You don’t realize this is not the solution at all. This does more damage to people who will try to do things ethically and promotes a market where shops are full of tax evaders. I remember at one point of time; when I was intern, I used to earn16k and even in that I paid quite a sum as tax. “Makai bechne didi” used to earn more than me, with no tax liability. We know it’s illegal, we know they are evading tax, we know it’s not a solution, we know everyone is just poor including our government. So, please stop pretending that you have a big heart. Fight for some real issues. And if you still think KTM metro will give up million of it’s tax revenue just because they feel empathy for non-voters then good luck with your move. Talking about these issues aren’t fruitful at all. It’s illegal, so KTM metro has every right to do it’s job and I as a KTM voter fully support these actions.

At the end, just try to realize you are just being a pawn in these government fuss each and every day while the media and government is distracting you from the failure of our government and the one way to hell of “collapsing economy” they are driving us to. Maybe one day you fighting for street shop will become a valid cause when youwill have no option than opening a stall ourself.


Jay Nepal

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