“Bidesh jau” wala nagging

“Bidesh jau” wala nagging

Growing up I got so much shit from my extended relatives for not going for my further studies abroad in US/UK. I just couldn’t justify spending the money it would have cost my parents. And my marks at that time could not afford me a scholarships/aid at a decent uni. I studied in Nepal, and have been working here for the last 13 years.

For 10 out of those 13 years, the nagging continued from my extended relatives. Nagging doubled when I inherited my wife’s extended relatives as well. “Babu aba ta hajur pani New Zealand gaishincha hola ni?” Or “marriage certificate bhaisakeshi, nani ko didi ko natale PR panuna sajilo huncha”. When did I even show my interest in going there!?

But recently I have been noticing one thing. Good thing for me is that the nagging at me has stopped – but now is directed toward their kids.

All those relatives have visited their kids once or twice. They go there for months at a time and always return exhausted. After the second time, many say “aba ta pugyo” lol. And guess what? It’s not that easy for kids abroad to take a leave for months and come stay with their parents… so, now I see them nagging to their kids “herataaaa espali timi haru chutti bhaera ni Nepal na aera Bali ghumna gaeko? Hamilai ta wasta ni chaina?” They have their life too you know?

I don’t care if people decide to stay in Nepal or go work/settle abroad. It’s a personal decision. I just believe such nagging is unhealthy af.

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