Advice for the best experience as a tourist

Advice for the best experience as a tourist

Hello Nepal,

I cannot explain how excited I am, I have been planning my trip, and I will be visiting the following cities as I ordered, now in December:

**Nagarkot –> Kathmandu –> Lumbini –> Pokhara –> Chitwan National Park –> Kathmandu**

I have been reading travel blogs to discover that moving between cities is the biggest challenge. To sort this out, I was planning to take a plane, but for a flight of 25 min, they charged us over USD 70, which was too out of my budget.

Having said that, *I have a few questions:*

1.- Which webpage do you use to find flights at a normal price?

2.- If I have to choose one or two flights, which ones should you recommend and why should I avoid that road?

3.- To live the experience on Chitwan National Park, is []( a good option?

Feel free to give me advice about restaurants/activities/hotels on those cities.

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