How to start selling products online in Nepal?

How to start selling products online in Nepal?

So,my dad owns a wholesale business in Kathmandu.We have no online presence.The market is passive since last three years.I want to go online and sell products so I could support my family business. What is the way?

1.Should I create a website and list my products?

2.Create a instagram page and facebook page and list the products.(also tiktok page)

3.Listing my products on daraz and other popular ecommerce webistes.

Should I register a different company to start selling online or can I go easy as is the trend of selling through direct messaging the customers?

When I recieve the order how should I handle the delivery?Hire a delivery person or tie up with delivery service company and what will be the charge?(The product’s price will range from 700-4500)

Since I already have the product which I will get from my dad how should I show the purchase source/bill in VAT/Tax process?


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