Acid reflux helped me quit smoking! ➤

Acid reflux helped me quit smoking!

Hey guys.. I have some good news to tell you all. This sub has usually sad and depressed posts, and here i am with some good shit happened in my life. I was a heavy smoker 2-3 months back from 2 years.. But since i diagnosed with disease called acid reflux, i can’t take one single puff of smoke..

Acid reflux is a type of gastrointestinal disease which always opens the valve which connects food pipe and stomach which is supposed to be open only when the food is trying to get in stomach. Now when the food gets into the stomach and get mixed with stomach acid the food as well as the acid flow backwards into the mouth causing heartburn, vomitting and many other effects..

This was the case for food, but i don’t know how smoking causes the vomitting cause everytime i try to smoke i feel like vomitting and cannot take it. That way i eventually stopped smoking and i feel like my disease is being cured slowly..
Acid reflux can never be cured completely with medicines but some medicine can help reduce vomitting and heartburn..

I am so happy for myself because even if i want to, i can never smoke again..

Thanks to dangerous gastrointestinal disease, Mr. ACID REFLUX..

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