Is it a right decision to quit Machine Learning ?!

Is it a right decision to quit Machine Learning ?!

Hello I’m an extreme Machine Learning and AI enthusiast currently pursuing graduation . It has been one and half year of learning Machine Learning from python such as Deep Learning , NLP , LLMsv,Transformers , GANs,………. As ML is quite harder , research based and has more contents than others , I feel like I have learned much but couldn’t even get any internship yet . I know there are less internship opportunities for ML compared to others . By frequently monitoring companies , I had applied for intern in several companies but got rejected every time ( I think it is because of my Bachelors Degree , currently 4th sem ) . Do companies require bachelors degree ?

I have been seeing people who ‘s more forward than me , learning more and more things everyday but still got no opportunities .

I am thinking of doing MERN stack (web) taking Machine Learning aside . But really I;m in dilemma what should I do ?? Leaving ML also hurts but it hurts more when you got no opportunities even doing that hard work. I want to get a job and make money , I’m totally frustrated of everything .

But Doing Machine Learning , now I have a strong confidence that I can learn anything just anything , nothing is harder if we really do hard work .

Note : ML in the context of Nepal

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