Trust issues, Mental health ➤

Trust issues, Mental health

Don’t know why I feel like sharing this?
First thing first, i am from a broken family. So, don’t know what a female (Mom, sis, Granny, cousin) love is.
Never had any female friends in my life.
Recently 4 months ago, i was arranged to have a arranged marrage (Marriage about in 2 years ). My fiancee is nice and may be she is the one i might be praying for.
The Problem is having a girl for the first time in my life weakens my trust Issues. I have been on my own for long enough that i believe “You either use other or other uses you.”
Everything is fine at the moments i am talking / chatting with her. But while i am busy with my works/Study, the real neghtmare starts. I just think what might be she doing, chatting, talking with others. I can’t express the level of jealousl i get when i see comments of her male friends(particularly one) on her post on Social media & her comments on their post.
I am just in “the Middle” i don’t know what to do. I am doubting myself and questioning my existence and feelings. I think I am unsecure and overacting.
May be i am or will be a Narcissist.

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