Help! Pigeon with a Blue Band and Number on Its Leg Has Taken Refuge on My Roof ➤

Help! Pigeon with a Blue Band and Number on Its Leg Has Taken Refuge on My Roof

So, yesterday, a pigeon ended up on my roof. I did notice the blue band on its leg, but I thought it was some kind of bandage. I assumed it had a broken leg and someone had treated it before it escaped. I gave it some chamal, which it gladly ate after I left. Since it wouldn’t come near me, I could only leave it be. This morning, upon waking up, I found that it was still there, unfortunately wet due to the rain during the night. It didn’t come near me again, as expected, so I put some chamal on the side and stepped back. Just like yesterday, it ate the chamal. It seemed to be a bit more comfortable with me, so I stayed within two feet while it ate, occasionally glancing at me to see if I was up to anything funny. As I did this, I noticed that the blue band on its leg had numbers on it. So, I decided to google it to see if it was a sign of it being a pet or something else. It turns out that pet pigeons often have such bands, sometimes indicating they might be rescued birds or similar, depending on the color.

Now, the pigeon seems unable to fly properly. If it has an owner, I would like to contact them. Is there a way to get in touch with the owners using the number on its leg? The pigeon, although a bit more comfortable with me now, has been keeping its distance and recently hopped onto the neighbor’s roof. In my area, there are around a dozen cats that frequently visit my roof at least 3-4 times a day. It’s honestly surprising that the cats haven’t discovered the pigeon yet. This may be because a few kittens were born a few days ago (fed them a few days prior). But now, I’m concerned that the cats might end up eating the pigeon. Is letting the pigeon fly on its own (if that’s even possible) and hoping the cats don’t find it the only option I have?

[Pigeon: How dare you stare at this young master? Courting death!!](

[The blue band](

Points to remember:

1. The pigeon clearly doesn’t trust me.
2. While I occasionally feed the cats, they don’t even know it’s me providing their food, so they don’t trust me either.
3. If I catch the pigeon to check the number but can’t find the owners, I’ll have to release it, even though it may have lost any trust it had gained due to the chamal.

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