The three dals are the enemy. On: why we need to show the same frustration against the three dals as we do with Balen. ➤

The three dals are the enemy. On: why we need to show the same frustration against the three dals as we do with Balen.

I am not a “jhole” of Balen in any way so don’t misunderstand my writing of this piece. I’ve been an outspoken critic of Balen (see post history). In brief, my stance on Balen is that he has the opportunity to be a great political figure if he cleans up his act.

In writing about Balen, I’d received critical feedback that went along the lines of, “why don’t you write about the three dals and their leaders with the same voracity?” The recent protest against Balen outside of the Rastriya Sabha Griha illuminated something in me.

The three dals have abused their powers insouciantly. They have eroded the country and its chance at democracy. They have looted and plundered from the nation. They’ve essentially pilfered Nepal’s chance at a second wind. The first republic has been shot down before it had a chance to get going. It’s all because of the three dals. Yet, the youth are not galvanized by it. Especially not in the same way as they are for or against Balen.

There is a pervasive apathy and learned helplessness in the youth against the Big Three. They have crushed your soul and your hopes and dreams with their years of malpractice and corruption that young people who should know better have even taken support for the monarchy. The reason you flock to the richer western nations can be partly if not wholly explained by the inaction and inability of the three dals to create a functioning state.

So despite all the pernicious corrosion of your daily life, you, like myself, do not seem to be galvanized against them. The big three are the ones largely responsible for a shitty constitution. They are the ones whose cadres are exposed by the media every week for some corruption. They are the ones that essentially steal your taxpayer money for their own personal gain that should go towards better amenities. They are the ones that fail to build proper institutions which would ostensibly give you hope for the future in the country.

They are the ones that force your hand to leave the country. Do we feel so weak and powerless to speak up against folks our parent’s age and older? Is it not true that because young people are not outside of the Singha Durbar everyday protesting the fact that Nepal is a migrant labor exporter that they are complicit in the socioeconomic state of the country? Can young people showing and protesting, with the same energy and passion as outside the Rastriya Sabha Griha, bring change in the country?

Is it not your duty to the nation to support younger, fresher parties? To be more politically aware and active so that the country can improve? Do people who have left feel any responsibility to the country?

I am making this post because I genuinely do not understand why I was and am so passionate about policing Balen but not the three dals. This is a trend amongst all youth. The energy we saw in electing Balen during the local elections was not present in the federal elections. Young people were not as present during the moment. As young people communicated to their parents in KMC to support Balen, they did not urge their parents to not support the three dals in the federal elections.

Are we afraid to speak up against our elders even when it means the deterioration of the nation and the state? If the governance of the country had been decent since the promulgation of the 2015 constitution, I assert that fewer Nepalis would be leaving. Nepal would not be the exporter of human capital that it currently is if the three dals had their act together. More young people would have stayed in the country, building it and its institutions, if not for the oppression from the three dals.

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