Balen Shah: The Troubling Vigilante of Our Political Landscape

Balen Shah: The Troubling Vigilante of Our Political Landscape

In a nation particulary wanting alternative politics, the emergence of an individual as a vigilante champion against corruption, while showing little regard for the rule of law, is a matter of significant concern.

What’s particularly troubling is the sway this vigilante holds over young minds, potentially conveying the message that justice can be achieved outside the boundaries of the legal system. This perspective warrants careful reflection and vigilance.

Constructive criticism is a vital aspect of public discourse. However, posting this, “आजको लागी केहि भएन ,भोलीबाट हाम्रो महानगरपालिकाको कुनै पनि गाडी सरकारबाट रोकियो भने ,सिंहदरवारमा आगो लगाइदिन्छु ।याद राख चोर सरकार ।” is not in line with the responsibilities of a Mayor. Instead, he has the option to challenge decisions through established legal procedures, such as the court system, rather than resorting to provocative threats on social media.

Such behavior undermines the principles of a democratic society and the importance of due process.

**tldr; yesto youths le follow garne manche le hawadari/lafdawaji/niti ko sasan biparit kura haru social media ma garda youths lai kasto naramro asar parla?**

Edit: Before everyone calls me a jholey, ekantipur ko voting counts wala page refresh gardei baseko ho ma, samaya sangei ra paristiti sangei sahi lai sahi ra galat lai galat vanna sikau, ekoro dharma thik haina!

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