suicidal thoughts and anxiety ➤

suicidal thoughts and anxiety

parents separated when i was 8. spent 7 years in hostel. currently being raised by a single mother. traumatic childhood ,being sexual abused as a kid from my relatives’ teenage sons, being bullied at hostel etc etc I’ve been through it all. I’ve been dealing with anxiety from way back .i isolate myself to avoid people.i don’t have any friends. don’t have the best relationship w my parents. cant afford a therapist. I’ve had harmed my self before, but never really planned on killing myself. but lately things have been real tough. i don’t have the will to talk to anybody. don’t really think anyone would understand. i did once but was told to “stop overthinking and get on w life”. i don’t have any goals anymore. i don’t look forward to anything in life anymore . i get extremely overwhelmed by very minor things. a few weeks back, i was staring at the ceiling fan with a scarf on my hands for about an hour crying my eyes out for no reason. its 2:40 am rn . haven’t slept. nothing particularly bad happened today but I’m exhausted from thinking about the same stuff again and again crying. if i had a sibling,id have killed myself till now but I’m a single child. and everytime I think about suicide, i remember that my mother doesn’t have enough money for the funeral rituals. I’m a 20 y old female . idk what I’m supposed to do. just wanted to vent. thats it.

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