Studying Medicine in nepal? ➤

Studying Medicine in nepal?

Is it worth it?
So my floks are not gonna let me go abroad straight after 12. They want me to study here. I am interested in medical fields. MBBS BDS .
What are my options?
How do I prepare?
Is it worth studying MBBS and BDS even if you pay?
Or is it worth getting a gap year?
I know gap can make or break you. I don’t think gap will do me any good.
Any other medicine related course besides MBBS and BDS that are actually good and worth my coming four to five years?
I am not someone that HAS to leave the country no matter what. I just want some good money and decent life no matter the location. I personally feel like it’s too much work abroad. Yeta nepal ma jasto chill pill life hunna bidesh ma.

So anyone with relevant experiences please guide me with suggestions about what my plan should be please tell me. What my best course of action would be in this regard?
What are my options?

Thank you.

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