Nepal Sees Surge in Seres Electric Car Bookings at Nada Auto Show 2023

Nepal Sees Surge in Seres Electric Car Bookings at Nada Auto Show 2023

Seres, the global electric car powerhouse, is making a remarkable entry into the Nepali market, garnering significant attention and bookings at the Nada Auto Show 2023.

During the six-day event held at Kathmandu’s Bhrikutimandap, Seres, represented by its official distributor, M.A.D. Blue Auto Corp, recorded a staggering 300+ bookings for their electric vehicles (EVs).

The star of the show was the premium Seres 3, which stole the spotlight with over 200 enthusiastic bookings. Additionally, the Seres Mini EV also garnered a substantial number of reservations.

This marks Seres’ inaugural foray into the Nepali market, and their brands, Seres Three and Seres Mini EV, have already created a buzz among consumers due to their cutting-edge features and exceptional value.

In the Nepali market, the Seres Mini EV is priced competitively, starting at just NPR 13 lakhs and going up to NPR 18 lakhs. Meanwhile, the Seres 3, with its luxurious offerings, starts at NPR 49 lakhs and reaches NPR 52 lakhs.

It’s worth noting that while Seres cars were originally designed and manufactured in the United States, production has now shifted to China. These EVs have garnered immense popularity in 21 European countries and boast a global sales and distribution network spanning 70 countries.

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