Serious issue want help ➤

Serious issue want help

So the thing is, one of my friends who is bi confessed to me and it was a straight rejection from my side as I am straight. But from the day one I was always by her side. We both are friends for more than 5 years. We are still friends and she shares everything to me. When she said that she is with her step mother, she was molested for years by her uncle, everyone from her family tells her she is the unwanted child and wish for her to die, I felt so bad for her and time and again she says she has no will to live . I always console her to be strong and I will always support her.

5 days before I saw some cuts on her hand ( it was probably done from blades and there were multiple slashes). I asked her what happened and all but she refused to tell me. I thought she doesn’t want to talk about it and continuous nagging might result her to overthink about the situation she was in. Yesterday at night at around 1 am she called me to be online. There she confessed everything. Everyone in her family are continuously saying her to throw her life and to kill herself and she is just burden to her family. And finally she decided to end everything up took up the blades and started to slash on her wrists but she couldn’t ( I am glad she couldn’t).she said that The only thing that pulled her back from dying was all the happy moments we spent together. She had flashback of her whole life and only will of her to live was the moments with me and she still is unsure how to live and all. She confessed that she might end her life anyday.

I’ve been trying to console her not to do anything like her, I am continuously motivating her, I am frequently contacting her as I am afraid she might do something wrong.

I don’t want her to do anything like that. So can you suggest me what should I do now??
I am really very scared right now. Plz help me.

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