Religion Frustration ➤

Religion Frustration

Ma Christian Ho yrr Childhood Dekhi due to some problem .But Some of my cousins hate Christianity and make Fun of Jesus Christ .I feel hurt sometimes but i try to ignore it and move on in my life. But they love me despite being christian also . But i want to serve my country in future .I want to live in Nepal and do something for my country which will make our country famous and pride.But i am not that Missionairies who tries to convert Hindu to Christian .But in future people will hate me or what , thinking i am christian and should be out of the Nepal . My fear is only this Nepali People will support me in future or not Christian vayetapani.But i believe in my god secretly and go to church secretly . But i think Nepali people will not believe me if i come to politics .Or what ? Plz give some suggestion Dealing with this fear living in Nepal being Christian ,no any supports and i find more haters and bulliers only if i say to people ,`i am christian ´…But i love every religion culture and Gods and Goddess Also .I believe in secularism and i think everyone should respect each other religions and not make fun and hatred and down to other religion Gods and Goddess .I hate Christians Also who does this and they should be punished for it and give some Awareness by Government .

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