Problem with Rastriya Swotantra Party ➤

Problem with Rastriya Swotantra Party

After the recent Jajarkot earthquake, the number of temporary accommodations made by different political parties: UML-315, Nepali congress- 104, Maoist center- 54, others-8, RSP-0.

Let’s not forget that rabi lamichhane was the first person to get to jajarkot after the earthquake and it has proved be nothing more than a stunt. 22 earthquake victims have already died of cold. Leaders of nepali congress, UML are actively involved in building temporary accommodations and providing relief aid. But all we see from RSP is complaints.

And another problem is they are way too diplomatic on every issue and refuse to take any stance. Like swarnim wagle rightly pointed out the nepal army needs to be restructured. But rabi lamichhane later said “hamle ta testo vanekai haina”. rabi lamichhane says “aile ko sanghiyata des le dhaanna sakdaina” but then goes to madhesh pradesh and says “sanghiyata lai ajha chusta durusta banauna parcha”

Yesto paarale what will they do if heated issues like MCC, BRI comes up? kei paar nai lagaunnan jasto chha yiniharule

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