Prime Minister's Disaster Relief Fund ➤

Prime Minister’s Disaster Relief Fund

Prime Minister's Disaster Relief Fund

So apparently over 132.23 million rupees have been deposited to the PM’s disaster relief fund to help the earthquake victims:


” The fund is intended for immediate relief, including temporary camps, essential items, medical care, and treatment of the injured or sick.” — [\~:text=In%20the%20fiscal%20year%202020,NDRRMA%20holds%20Rs%201.818%20billion](,NDRRMA%20holds%20Rs%201.818%20billion).

However, people are still dying of cold :


Hami Nepal team and Nepal Army are doing a great job helping the victims. But they seem to be in dire need of tents, warm clothes, etc. My question is, how does all of this work? Who makes sure the funds are being put to use? Who keeps track of how much has been used and for what? What can be done to increase transparency? Anything we can do?

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