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Pokhara Indrive and AITA?

I am in Pokhara for work related thing Ani stuck here for more than a week. Stress relieve garna I decided to go to begnas lake. Logged in to indrive from Naya Bazar to Begnas. (14 km,330 rs). I booked a lady rider for 350 rs since I will feel safe as a female traveling alone in unknown city.the ride was quiet, roads were rough in some parts, Ani halfway there she asked for 500 saying "petrol ko Pani paisa uthdaina etc etc" so I told her " sabai tyei indrive ma clear thyo from location to distance hajur kti bhayera mailey 350 ma ni accept Garey tara rokeko bhanda 150 Badi magnu bhayo bhani ta Malai thageko jasto bhaihalyo ni" bhanera bhaney. Ani we were both silenced whole way. I was feeling bad ngl la naramro bhaney ki jasto ta. Ani destination pugey pachi she started to cry and said" mehenat garera khako chu tapailey thug bhannu bhayo Malai paisa pardaina bhanera bhannu bhayo" now we both are crying in begnas ko buspark… She started saying it's not hard being a rider Ani doing these things etc etc. Thug bhannu bhayo hajur ley esto esto. I feel really bad. Mero financial situation ni testai thyo. 1000 rs matra bokera aako chu begnas.

Begnas enjoy garna aako now I am all crying

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