Nepal Investment Summit 2024: Nepali Businesses, Market Opportunities ➤

Nepal Investment Summit 2024: Nepali Businesses, Market Opportunities

Over 1,600 Participants from 55 Countries Gather in Kathmandu for Nepali Investment Summit 2024, Showcasing 150 Projects Across 23 Stalls

The much-awaited Nepal Investment Summit 2024 has kicked off in Kathmandu, Nepal, drawing over 1,600 participants from 55 countries around the globe. Organized by the Office of the Investment Board of Nepal, the third edition of this prestigious event aims to showcase the vast investment opportunities in the Nepali market and foster partnerships between local and international businesses.

Among the attendees, China has sent the largest delegation with 265 participants, highlighting the growing interest of Chinese investors in the Nepali economy. India, Nepal’s closest neighbor, follows closely with 143 representatives. Other notable participants include 33 from the United States, 28 from Japan, 14 from the United Kingdom, and 13 each from Bangladesh and the United Arab Emirates.

The Summit has attracted participants from diverse regions, including 10 from Germany, nine each from South Korea, Australia, and Malaysia, eight from Pakistan, six from Singapore, and five each from Qatar and Ghana. Additionally, representatives from countries such as Saudi Arabia, France, Bahrain, Switzerland, Finland, Russia, Austria, Sri Lanka, and Colombia are also present, reflecting the global appeal of Nepal’s investment climate.

With a total of 150 projects across 23 stalls, the Summit promises to be a vibrant platform for Nepali businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs to showcase their innovative ideas and seek investment opportunities. Notably, 19 projects have already secured letters of intent, indicating the positive response from potential investors.

The first day of the Summit witnessed a series of insightful sessions and panel discussions, where industry experts, government officials, and business leaders shared their insights on the Nepali market, its growth potential, and the challenges facing the investment landscape. Topics such as regulatory reforms, infrastructure development, and access to finance were extensively discussed, providing valuable perspectives for both local and international investors.

As the Summit progresses, participants will have the opportunity to engage in one-on-one meetings, networking events, and site visits, enabling them to gain a deeper understanding of the Nepali business environment and explore potential collaborations.

With the growing interest in Nepal’s vibrant market and the government’s commitment to attracting foreign investments, the Nepal Investment Summit 2024 is poised to become a catalyst for economic growth and development in the country.