Invest in Nepal: Stable Policies, Lucrative Opportunities ➤

Invest in Nepal: Stable Policies, Lucrative Opportunities

Finance Minister Barshaman Pun Assures Investors of Unchanged Investment Laws and Conducive Environment, Urging Investment in Energy, Tourism, IT, and Agro-processing Sectors for Promising Returns

Finance Minister Barshaman Pun has assured investors that Nepal’s investment policies and laws will remain unchanged, providing a stable and conducive environment for investment despite any political changes. Speaking ahead of the Nepal Investment Summit 2024, Pun emphasized that the government’s focus is on creating an environment that allows investors to repatriate their returns without any difficulties.

Pun clarified that Nepal’s investment laws and policies are independent of any particular political ideology or system, as investors primarily seek a secure environment for their investments and the assurance of profitability. “The characteristics of capital are an environment for investment and securing profits. Investors look for the environment, and now Nepal has an appropriate environment for investment,” Pun stated.

The Finance Minister expressed confidence that Nepal’s legal, procedural, and structural changes in recent times will lead to an increase in both domestic and foreign investment in the nation. He urged investors to explore lucrative opportunities in the energy, tourism, information technology (IT), and agricultural goods processing sectors, which offer promising returns.

Highlighting Nepal’s strategic location and trade relations, Pun argued that the country’s friendly ties with the economic giants India and China provide a vast market for goods produced in Nepal. This market access, coupled with the government’s investor-friendly policies and stable investment climate, makes Nepal an attractive destination for businesses seeking growth and profitability.

The Nepal Investment Summit 2024 is expected to showcase the country’s investment potential and facilitate discussions between government officials, industry leaders, and potential investors. The government remains committed to maintaining a business-friendly environment, providing incentives, and ensuring investor protection measures to foster economic growth and development through increased investment.