Nepal Inks Landmark Deal with Croatia for Trade and Tourism Boost ➤

Nepal Inks Landmark Deal with Croatia for Trade and Tourism Boost

Nepal Chamber of Commerce Inks MoU with Croatian Delegation for Trade and Tourism Boost

In a major development for Nepal’s business landscape, the Nepal Chamber of Commerce (NCC) has entered into a landmark agreement with a Croatian business delegation. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) focuses on bolstering collaboration in the trade and tourism sectors, opening new avenues for growth and investment.

The agreement, aimed at facilitating trade and attracting investments in Nepal’s thriving tourism industry, was signed on the sidelines of the Third Investment Summit in Kathmandu. According to NCC officials, the pact represents a significant milestone in strengthening economic ties between the two nations.

During the summit, NCC showcased a diverse range of projects, including hydropower development initiatives and lucrative opportunities in the hotel industry, among others. These projects have garnered significant interest from potential investors, both domestic and international.

Kamalesh Kumar Agrawal, the esteemed president of NCC, shared insights with the national news agency RSS regarding the discussions held with the Croatian business delegation. Key topics covered included the investment environment in Nepal, potential profits, the thriving consumer market, and the nation’s legal regime governing business operations.

The agreement is expected to pave the way for increased trade and investment flows between Nepal and Croatia. With Nepal’s burgeoning startup ecosystem and favorable business climate, the MoU is poised to open new doors for entrepreneurs and businesses seeking to tap into the Nepali market’s vast potential.

Nepali businesses, especially in the tourism and trade sectors, are eagerly anticipating the benefits of this landmark deal. As the country continues to attract global attention for its rich cultural heritage and economic opportunities, collaborations such as this are set to propel Nepal’s growth trajectory to new heights.