Nepal Hosts First International LGBTIQ Tourism Conference ➤

Nepal Hosts First International LGBTIQ Tourism Conference

Nepal aims to tap into the multi-billion dollar pink market after legalizing same-sex marriage

Nepal made history by hosting its inaugural international LGBTIQ tourism conference in Kathmandu. The event, spearheaded by Sunil Babu Pant, Asia’s first openly gay former parliamentarian, aimed to spotlight Nepal’s strides towards inclusivity and economic empowerment for the LGBTIQ community.

Once marred by biases and discrimination, Nepal has undergone a remarkable transformation, with the legal recognition of same-sex marriage in November last year marking a significant milestone. This move not only solidifies Nepal’s commitment to equality but also positions it as a promising destination for LGBTIQ tourists worldwide.

Addressing the conference, Supreme Court Justice Hari Prasad Phuyal reflected on Nepal’s journey towards recognizing the rights of the LGBTIQ community. He emphasized the importance of economic opportunities and social inclusion, highlighting the potential of “rainbow tourism” to drive both growth and empowerment.

Diane Anderson-Minshall, CEO of GO Magazine, shed light on the immense economic potential of LGBTIQ tourism, citing the substantial spending power of this demographic globally. With Nepal emerging as a safe and welcoming destination, it stands to attract a significant share of this lucrative market.

Nepal Tourism Board Director, Nandini Lahe-Thapa, underscored the country’s commitment to inclusive tourism, emphasizing the need for a welcoming environment where all travelers feel respected and valued. Efforts to train guides from the LGBTIQ community and promote LGBTIQ-owned businesses signal Nepal’s dedication to fostering a supportive ecosystem for pink tourism.

From cultural heritage tours to vibrant festivals, Nepal offers a diverse array of experiences tailored to LGBTIQ travelers. Veronique Lorenzo, EU ambassador to Nepal, hailed Nepal’s progress while stressing the importance of ongoing efforts to promote inclusivity and fairness in tourism.

As Nepal charts its course towards greater inclusivity, the international LGBTIQ tourism conference serves as a testament to the country’s determination to harness the power of diversity for economic and social advancement.