Mayor Balen Shah: A Rising Star on Time Magazine’s 2023 Time 100 Next List

Mayor Balen Shah: A Rising Star on Time Magazine’s 2023 Time 100 Next List

Mayor Balendra Shah (Balen) of Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has risen to international prominence, earning a well-deserved place on Time magazine’s prestigious ‘2023 Time 100 Next’ list. This prestigious accolade firmly establishes Mayor Balen Shah as not only a local leader but also as one of the 100 emerging leaders recognized by the globally renowned publication.

Moreover, Mayor Balen Shah’s presence has become a consistent fixture on Time magazine’s annual “year hundred” list, an exclusive compilation that spotlights individuals of profound influence chosen by the publication each passing year.

Within the pages of the 2023 Time 100 Next list, Mayor Balen Shah has impressively secured the 15th rank among Emerging Leaders. Time magazine, celebrated for its yearly recognition of influential figures, has chosen to shine a spotlight on Mayor Balen Shah’s multifaceted contributions spanning diverse fields, including health, environment, sports, business, politics, and art.

It is worth noting the magazine’s in-depth exploration of Mayor Balen Shah’s unexpected triumph in the last local level elections. His remarkable victory is attributed to his astute and strategic use of social media platforms, effectively addressing voters’ concerns. This innovative approach has given rise to what Time magazine has aptly termed the ‘Balen effect,’ a testament to his dynamic and impactful leadership style.

Mayor Balen’s inclusion in Time magazine’s esteemed 2023 list not only serves as a testament to his growing influence but also underscores his expanding footprint on both the local and global stages. This recognition sheds light on his exceptional leadership qualities and numerous accomplishments, solidifying his position as a pivotal figure in the ever-evolving landscape of Kathmandu’s politics.