Lack of dignity in Nepali society

Lack of dignity in Nepali society

I don’t understand why hard working people are not treated with dignity in Nepal just because they do “certain” type of work.

We had a guy come to our house a few days ago to check the plumbing in my parent’s bathroom because toilet was clogged. My mom wasn’t home so I told him to wait in the living room and I was making tea for myself so I gave him tea as well. He was just waiting in the living toom sitting in the couch.

Then my grandmother and mom came home and they immediately got mad at me for allowing “toilet safa garne manche” to sit in the couch and giving him tea in a normal cup. My grandmother was so mad at me. She was like I should have given him one of the plastic chairs and given him tea in a plastic cup instead of the nice cups we normally use for tea.

I don’t understand what I did the wrong. The guy was wearing clean clothes and he seemed like a normal dude. He looked like almost my father’s age
so I naturally treated him with respect.

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