How many mobile phones are allowed to be taken to Nepal?

How many mobile phones are allowed to be taken to Nepal?

In a recent development, Nepali citizens returning from foreign employment are now permitted to carry two mobile phones with them, marking a significant change from the previous regulation allowing only one mobile phone per person after completing the customs process. This change aims to accommodate the needs of Nepalis working abroad who rely on multiple digital devices.

The decision to allow two mobile phones for Nepali citizens returning from abroad was made during a cabinet meeting where the government revised the Jhitigunta regulations. To be eligible for this privilege, Nepali citizens must have worked abroad for a minimum of six consecutive months after obtaining labor approval.

This amendment is expected to benefit Nepalis engaged in foreign employment who often require more than one mobile device for various purposes. The Minister of Communication, Information, and Technology, Rekha Sharma, confirmed the government’s decision to permit the import of up to two mobile phones for returning Nepali citizens.

Customs Duty Exemption for Returning Nepali Travelers:

Nepali travelers returning to their home country from abroad, provided they are permanent residents of Nepal, will enjoy customs duty exemptions on specific goods for personal use or sent by themselves. The list of exempted items includes:

  1. Mobile Phone Sets – 2 pieces
  2. Tablet Devices – 1 piece
  3. Laptop/Desktop PCs – 1 piece
  4. Watches – 1 piece
  5. Cameras – 1 piece
  6. Video Cameras – 1 piece
  7. Pendrives – 1 piece
  8. Gold Jewelry – up to 50 grams
  9. Silver Jewelry – up to 500 grams
  10. Jewelry Items – up to NPR 100,000 in value

In addition to mobile phones, this exemption also covers items such as clothes, furniture, old household goods, medical equipment used by returning patients, and aids for physically disabled passengers.

Previously, travelers were only allowed to bring the mobile phone currently in use. However, this restriction led to complaints of many mobile phones being confiscated at the Tribhuvan Airport Customs Office. With the new regulation in place, travelers can now carry their existing mobile phone and one additional device.

Minister Sharma has assured that the Ministry of Communication and Labor will work together to implement this system promptly. The cabinet meeting has also approved the implementation of the Mobile Device Management System (MDMS) at airports, streamlining the process for registering new mobile devices upon arrival.”