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About my friend

The other day I along with my friends went to a campaign related to mental health. We were asked to rate our mental health according to our present situation. Me and my one friend rated ourselves pretty decently but my another friend rated herself 4/10 . We both were surprised and asked her and she kept a low smile and said nothing. She belongs to a Muslim family and its more problematic than our family as she had talked about it a little to us pailai. Now I’m very much concerned and it’s bothering me . She is a very good friend and she also knows how much I like her. But knowing that she’s not feeling well it’s now making me emotional. I assume maybe it’s cause of her family ig. What should I do ? I Don’t want to ask her about it cause maybe she’s not comfortable talking about it that openly. I just want to make her feel better, safe and happy genuinely at least around us. I want to help her so please suggest me smtg that I can do to help her.

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