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Help for school

Hello everyone,

I’m an undergraduate from the Netherlands, and I’m currently working on my bachelor’s thesis on hydropower development in Nepal. I only have general knowledge, and I would like to gain a better, general understanding on how much the Nepalese know about hydropower development in general, and what they think of hydropower development in Nepal.

Thus, if it is possible, could you fill out this short survey please? The link is: [](

Thank you very much for your time, and help in advance!

*(Reposted for visibility)*

\-Edit: Thank you to you all who has filled in the short survey, and I appreciate it you all!
\-Edit 2: Please share the link of the survey with your friends/personal network, the more respondents, the better! Also, thank you once again for all the people who has filled it in the survey! Appreciate you all!

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