Freelancers of Nepal - how are you paying taxes? ➤

Freelancers of Nepal – how are you paying taxes?

Hi freelancers, I’ve been working with clients from US for about 2-3 years now. And have been earning roughly $5,000 per month. And I also hired other people to work for the job that I take from the clients and I pay them as well monthly via my personal account.

And this is purley freelancing. I am not working inside of any foreign company. I work with clients 1-1.
All of my clients pay via Wise or Payoneer.

From my knowledge till now, everything sent via Wise is counted as remiitance and goverment already takes remittance tax from that so I don’t need to pay taxes on that. Is that correct?

Veteran freelancers, please explain in detail about freelancing tax in Nepal and other laws.
If so $5k/m, that makes $60k/year.
What tax bracket is that? How much should I be paying?

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