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Computer Engineering in Nepal

I am 17 years and ….months old. I am currently pursuing my bachelor degree in Computer Engineering in one of the constituent college of IOE (not pulchowk or thapathali though). I have just finished my 1st semester. My exam wasnt that good but somehow i managed to complete my exams.
After the completion of my 12th i was in a dilemma whether to choose abroad or nepal itself for my further studies. I am more than average in my studies too. I wasnt suggested to go abroad as i was just 16 when i completed 12th board so i decided to stay in nepal and choose IT field as i was interested in coding. But again i wasnt sure either to choose Engineering or CSIT. So i started to prepare for both and managed to get admission in one of the constituent clz of IOE [FULL FEE]. But i wasnt ready for Engineering as it is considered as one of the hardest degree. As i am from a middle class family and it is said that Engineering degree is better than csit degree, it would be easy for me to get a job later on.

Days passed by and i was enjoying engineering but along with enjoying it i was regretting it day by day BECAUSE the reality of IOE, its education system, and mainly the 20 years OLD COURSE is different. I always ask myself,”What if i couldn’t do better after my degree?” “What if choosing engineering in Nepal was my worst decision?” Bla bla…..

I see my friends learning java python in 1st semester and here i am learning drawing, physics, electrical in 1st semester. I always regret each day each night.

I just need suggestions from everyone that Is choosing computer engineering in nepal was my good decision?
Or what else could i do for my better future?
Should i continue it?

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