Best skill to learn in Nepal. ➤

Best skill to learn in Nepal.

I’m doing my bachelor’s degree (BE Comp) and I’ve realized there’s lots of free time in bachelor’s. I really do mean it when I say there is free time because I am doing quite well in my exams. To be a little bit more independent. I realized that i should learn some skills than playing games. I know basic HTML/CSS/JS (I’ve built a calculator, a weather api website, a trashy personal portfolio site, etc.) However, Im in my third semester, so I think this is just not enough for me rn. Our college do not offer any form of internship, thus I am on my own so, I have decided not to wait until the end of my undergraduate to begin working instead, I want to gain some experience as soon as possible. I attempted to learn other stuff like video editing and blender (because my rtx3050 was going to waste on valorant) and I really enjoyed it, but I don’t think that 3D and video editing would get me anywhere in Nepal, and it is also completely outside of my topic of study. I’d like some advice on where to begin and how to go with my career. What are the best skills to lean in my case?

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