Best doctor for Urine obstruction ➤

Best doctor for Urine obstruction

Which doctor or hospital(private/public) is best for urine obstruction any idea

For context dad Lai urine obstruction vayerw Patan hospital gako. DJ stent try garam vanerw garyo ani tyo DJ stent nikalyo after 1 -2 month. But the pain didn’t disappear and we went there again and the main doctor advised us to do dtpa test and now it’s been 2 week doctor sanga vet nai vako xaena ma morning 5 bajey gayo ticket ligyo turn ko wait garyo ani yo doctor aaunu hunna Vanxa. Aba Monday aayerw ticket Counter ma sodhnu vannu vayo staff ley but the main thing is dad Lai feri pain start vayo vane k garney

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