Help me decide on charges for my freelance work

Help me decide on charges for my freelance work

The project is to create a portfolio of a company(digital marketing) with different sections and pages highlighting their services and mentioning their success and partners. It includes a contact form which will be responsible for collecting feedback and other relevant information. The site has to be SEO-friendly.

I got this project through my friend and the client is his childhood friend, currently living in the US.

The site is to be built with Bootstrap. His requirement includes responsiveness and modern design.

Talking about my experience, I am a backend intern at a company in Kathmandu. I’ve previously completed two freelance projects.

1. Converted a project report(written form) in HTML and presented it beautifully to upload it online. I got paid 4K for this and it took me around 5 hours to complete.
2. Designed a webpage*(only one page)* with 3 sections for a web app using Bootstrap and some custom HTML CSS. It took me 6-7 hours to complete and I got paid 6K.

For this project, how much should I charge? I think the project would take at least 15 hours to complete and it will be a multipage website. I just have to provide him with the work and he’s responsible for managing, hosting, and every other detail.

Please help me decide my Charges. I’m not able to decide how much should I charge.

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