in search of a friend ➤

in search of a friend

I had one friend during my college days who was very intellectual with knowledge in different fields (sports, history, politics, philosophy,movies etc) you just name one and he used to talk about it for hours…So spending time with him made me a different person and i had insights of different things,sometimes he even put the inner thoughts withinme into words with great examples because i am the kind of person who can’t put my critical thinking into proper words ,i started reading books, listening to podcasts basically i was a different person back then but eventually he became busy in life (kt) and we don’t talk that much now..
so i am searching for a friend who is willing to share their intellectual opinion, thoughts,talks with me because i am a lazy person and i know how much work, research,books, podcasts it takes to reach that level …And i am a good listener and in a level to understand wide range of topics, please feel free to dm if you fit in the category..thank you

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