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Google submits a ‘wireless device’ to the FCC, possibly Chromecast HD as rumored


Google submits a ‘wireless device’ to the FCC, possibly Chromecast HD as rumored

Since the beginning of this year, rumors have circulated about a so-called “ HD with ,” and a “wireless device” matching that description has now arrived at the FCC for certification.

G454V is a “Wireless Device,” a classification has previously applied to products such as the Voice Remote, Nest Audio, Jacquard Tag, Clips, and Daydream View Controller. The FCC ID reveals that this device is made in Thailand, with the label “printed on the device’s bottom.”

It supports 802.11ac and connectivity, with its test configuration and diagram providing the greatest hint as to what this device is.

WLAN (2.4GHz) Link + Bluetooth Link (Bluetooth Earphone) + Controller Link + Streaming (1080p, 60Hz, 4:2:2,12bits) + USB Cable 1 (Charging from AC Adapter (Salcomp))

Assuming 1080p at 60Hz represents the maximum video output — thus excluding a speaker, while a Smart Display would not have a “remote controller” — this Wireless Device aligns with the rumored , which will be less expensive because it will not offer full 4K resolution.

is likely reusing the existing Voice Remote to save because a new model would have likely arrived at the regulatory agency at the same time and there is currently nothing else available. The existence of two antennas on the device was also discovered today, providing additional information.

This cheaper would be released after the current model’s recent international expansion. A simultaneous release would have made more sense, so it’s possible that the HD version will only be available in select markets, if not the original/existing ones.

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