Xiaomi SU7 Electric Vehicle arrive at Xiaomi Stores in China

Xiaomi SUV 7 offers 800 km range and 2.78s 0-100km/h acceleration

Xiaomi SU7 Electric Vehicle arrive at Xiaomi Stores in China

Xiaomi’s latest innovation, the SU7 electric sedan, made its official debut with a powerful 475 kW (637 hp) motor and a cutting-edge 101 kWh CATL Qilin battery, boasting an impressive 800 km range. The unveiling took place on Thursday, and within less than 24 hours, the vehicle arrived at the first Xiaomi store. Lei Jun, the CEO of the consumer electronics giant, shared that mass production is scheduled for the first half of 2024, with deliveries slated to commence shortly thereafter.

The showcase of Xiaomi SU7 cars commenced at the Xiaomi Science and Technology Park Headquarters Store in Shangdi, Beijing. Plans are in place for these showcase cars to be featured in all Xiaomi flagship stores across China in the near future.

Autohome reported insights from Xiaomi store representatives, indicating that display cars are expected to reach the Xiaomi store in Xujiahui, Shanghai, in the first quarter of 2024. However, challenges arise in smaller stores located on the first floor of shopping malls, prompting the need for renovations to accommodate the new product.

Xiaomi SU7 Electric Vehicle arrive at Xiaomi Stores in China

Executives from Xiaomi HQ are reportedly visiting existing stores, selecting suitable locations for displaying the SU7. The vehicle, available in three colors – Aqua Blue, Mineral Gray, and Verdant Green, aligns with Xiaomi’s ecosystem approach. The company has also introduced smartphones, watches, and accessories in matching colors to create a cohesive brand experience.

Xiaomi has developed the HyperOS system, positioned to replace the existing MIUI OS, serving as a unified operating system for all Xiaomi devices. This system promises seamless connectivity and a digital experience, enabling smartphones to interact effectively with the vehicle. Notably, SU7 ensures compatibility with Apple products, reinforcing Xiaomi’s commitment to connectivity.

In a distinctive move, Xiaomi plans to sell the SU7 in shopping malls, a common practice among new EV startups in China. While some competitors build new showrooms, Xiaomi leverages its existing infrastructure, aligning with its strategy of offering high-end products at competitive prices. The pricing for the SU7 has not been disclosed yet, but Lei Jun cautioned fans that it might exceed expectations. CarNewsChina anticipates a starting price of under 300,000 yuan.

Maintaining its tradition of providing quality products at affordable prices, Xiaomi follows a similar model as it did with its early smartphones. The SU7 EV will be assembled in the factory owned by BAIC Off-road Vehicle Co., a division of the state-owned Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co. Ltd (BAIC), emphasizing Xiaomi’s strategic approach to manufacturing partnerships.

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