USAID Urja Nepal sets up 23 electric vehicles charging stations ➤

USAID Urja Nepal sets up 23 electric vehicles charging stations

Initiative to Boost EV Adoption and Sustainable Transportation in Nepal

USAID’s Urja Nepal has taken a significant stride towards Nepal’s electric vehicle (EV) ambitions by inaugurating 23 new electric vehicle charging stations across seven locations in Bagmati Province. This move, part of the grants programme, aims to bolster the nation’s transition to clean and sustainable transportation.

The initiative, which includes a mobile EV charger among the stations, is in line with Nepal’s ambitious target of increasing EV sales to cover 90 percent of private vehicles and 60 percent of public vehicles by 2030. This endeavor seeks to reduce the nation’s dependence on fossil fuels and promote a greener transportation sector.

Sandip Kumar Dev, joint-secretary at the Ministry of Energy Water Resources and Irrigation, lauded USAID Nepal’s commitment to promoting electric mobility, stating that it aligns perfectly with the government’s vision of achieving net-zero targets. He emphasized the importance of leveraging the private sector to scale up EV infrastructure, facilitating Nepal’s energy transition goal.

Kulman Ghising, managing director at the Nepal Electricity Authority, expressed gratitude for USAID Urja Nepal’s support, noting its significant contribution towards establishing more charging stations. He urged other development partners to follow suit.

The shift towards EVs is expected to yield multiple benefits for Nepal, including reducing CO2 emissions and cutting down on fossil fuel imports, thus addressing the country’s trade deficit. Karen Welch, acting mission director of USAID Nepal, reiterated the organization’s commitment to partnering with the government and local stakeholders for Nepal’s better future.

Through the grant programme, Urja Nepal provided funding to Yatri Design Studio and E.Stop Private Limited, aiding them in developing innovative business strategies for the EV market. These strategies aim to encourage the use of commercial and passenger electric vehicles by expanding the charging infrastructure nationwide.

In addition to establishing charging stations, the grant recipients will undertake capacity-building and public awareness efforts. These include educational initiatives at charging stations, maintenance training workshops targeting women and minorities, and marketing campaigns to promote EV adoption.

Ashim Pandey, founder of Yatri Design Studio, expressed gratitude for the grant, emphasizing its role in advancing their mission towards a sustainable energy ecosystem. He highlighted the support’s significance in catalyzing pilot programs and strengthening their team.