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Why is the index of commercial banks not increasing in this bull market?

I am new to the market. Had heard commercial banks are the wise and safest investment.So I had bought some stocks of c. banks few months ago, but they are falling and falling… I am in loss actually. What should I do? Stop my loss by selling them and buy other stocks (finance, d. banks) for trading or hold them?

r/NepalStock by prabesharyal

  1. [deleted] says


  2. MNSN00 says

    If you’re going for short, bank is not the right place to invest. And it also depends on which one did you invest on. Do research and invest wisely.

  3. bot907543 says

    you wanna get profit in 1 month you will fall apart..bro just stay with commercial bank.

  4. anotherperson6969 says

    because its easier for people to increase price of hydro artificially and everyone will jump in the circus.

  5. _you_know_who__ says

    banks have huge capital, it takes a lot of volume for their price to increase. You will definitely get profit after few years.

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