Weird Taxi Ride from Airport ➤

Weird Taxi Ride from Airport

Okay so was this legit unusual or am I paranoid?

Flew into the airport this morning and we got a pre-paid taxi van home. We had our 3 young kids and a trunk of suitcases with us.

So on the way home (we’re foreigners and have lived in country for a year so we’re decently familiar with things) we got off onto the service road on Ring and while stopped I noticed these two guys on a bike beside us pull out a MASSIVE wad of 1000 rupees. It caught my eye cause it definitely seemed out of the norm. Like it was a crap ton of cash.

Then to make it weirder the passenger yelled “Dai” out to the driver, tapped on the window, and handed him a bunch of the 1000 notes. (13x to be exact because he double counted in the car and at that my husband and I both were paying by extra attention). Then the guys on the bike got ahead of us and got off onto a side road and the taxi driver started to follow him. Quickly my husband stopped him and said that wasn’t our turn off and the driver got flustered with him.

So the guys on the bike kept driving ahead weren’t seen again and the taxi driver took us to our house but with super weird body language. He looked really uncomfortable and was basically silent.

So was that legit weird or am I overthinking it? I usually feel safe in Lalitpur and don’t find myself overly suspicious of people around me. But this seemed extra strange. Thoughts?

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