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Which elective is best for MBA masters?

It might sound absurd to you that I am asking this question here. But again, I am posting here just to know which would be the best option to choose as my elective major and minor to have a promising career ahead in the future. Here is the list from which I have to choose my major and minors:

1. Finance
2. Marketing
3. HR
4. Project Management
5. Information system (Big Data and Data Analytics)

A little background of mine: I did my bachelor’s in Electronics and Communication Engineering, came to do MBA to switch my career since I hated coding and now stuck in even more options….lol. I sometimes feel like I am lost in a maze. However, I am totally willing to put my 100 percent effort and stay in Nepal.

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  1. 0penT says

    I took Marketing. Though I don’t see immediate scope in there, but I enjoyed studying marketing. Finance and HR have quite good job prospects in the market. You can see a lot of vacancies out there.
    And for minors, take whatever is easy and could help you with grades.

  2. sockholder says

    I’m planning on taking marketing

  3. ZoroAsAkatsuki says


  4. Plastic-Badger1837 says

    Marketing ko jamana ho

  5. nomad_in_a_quest says

    !remindme 3 days

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