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Where to buy a laptop?

Hey everyone, thanks for giving me your time

So I wanted to buy a gaming laptop and this is pretty much my first time buying a laptop by myself ani I’m kinda confused on where to buy.
koi chineko manxe haru pain xaina and I have no experience of this as well.
I know Nepal ma prayer Grey Market batai saman liyenxa, and when I asked my friends about it, they said “Newroad ma gayera liga na”. ani they also warned me about shopkeepers handing me refurbished laptops in the name of “brand new” or warranty claim garda service ramro nadine and all.

I do have an option to go for ali famous shops like ITTI, mudita, etc tara ali mahango nai raixa price.
Maile Alamtech vanne shop ma gayera bujheko thiye aja which in near Sankata mandir, newroad. ani price was quite now in comparison. and yes newroad area tira vayera the shop was more like a godam, testo fancy lights haru thiyena and I’m not judging as well, please don’t get me wrong. they said they sell geninue products ani if refurbished raixa vane 200% cashback pauxa. if someone is familiar with them, it’d be great help if you could give me a review.

also please guide me on what red flags should I not ignore on a shop. My friend told me I should always get a VAT bill. hajur haru lai ni kei yesto kura ma information xa vane vandinu hola. ani if you have any shop suggestions, share gardinu hola. Thank you

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