What is real success?

What is real success?

Hey, its me again !

We are sliding and gliding on the wheel of time till we slip at some point and get lost in void of foreverness. Sano sano ma school gaiyo, kheliyo, j hos chill ma gayo jindagi but growing older how many of us are realising that we are not just doing anything different but living as per the script god knows who created.

Like bihana uthexa , college/workspace gaxa ani then reading/working on something being fucking disrespected by teachers/seniors/or anyone regarding study/work progress, nobody owns us right? But irony is that we are okay with it, we are okay to be disrespected, played with, judged and for what? That’s to cling on the circle if life till the day we slip.

Aba let’s be real , this sounds fascinating but this is the reality of the world. Everyone tries to do something different and stand out but someone succeds and someone fails to do so. Ho yei ho hamle nabujeko kura, life chai aru ko hisab ma chalexa vanni ani success k ho vanera chai tei aru lai nai define garna dini? My definition of success is Everything we do and we are doing is success, getting born, learning your first alphabet, getting your first maths problem done, tying shoelaces on your own the first time , not giving up and living you life while expecting and working to be that future you. Please Don’t agree with me, DEFINE SUCCESS ON YOUR OWN.

This post is for everyone like me who doesn’t feel anything for what they do , searching reason for everything we do , want to quit but just can’t because of the dim ray of hope existing somewhere inside us. Never let that ray fade never let go. DEFINE SUCCESS ON YOUR OWN.

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