How does 12th fail matters in life ? ➤

How does 12th fail matters in life ?

If I give one subject re exam in 12th . Then Will I be able to apply for Foreign universities ? or Can I get Scholarship in bachelors If I get enough numbers in entrance needed for scholarship there . Or Fail also Matters .Whatever marks they obtain in entrance 12th fail students won't get Scholarship . I am still trying to study but there is a problem
After Herniating a disc in my back I am constantly in nerve pain . Still 15 days remaining I can Cover all theory subjects like economics English Nepali Account and Computer. But I can't practice maths whole day. Can't Sit in a table for 8 hours continuosly too .exam sakesi KTM gayera ekchoti gatilari dekhauna parla but aaile Lai Testai Xa. I don't know why I get this chronic pain issue especially at this board exam time

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