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What do you think is the best caption for these?

I recently went for a interview for the job of marketing.

The interviewer asked me to write captions to post it on facebook for three products:

* Goldstar shoes
* Arna Beer
* Anapurna Hotel

What do you think will be the best caption for each?

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  1. Designer-Departure87 says


    Leap to the stars (moon and sun can be added to make it patriotic)

    ###Arna beer

    Unleash the charge

    ###Annapurna Hotel

    Peak luxury of the Himalayas

  2. EventuallySpooky says

    suppose if you use a caption from the comments and get the job what will that person get?

  3. kamiketa says

    Goldstar shoes: made in Nepal, 3,4 din Mai behal
    Arna Beer : Real taste of arna piss.
    Anaourna Hotel : heaven of you are rich, if you poor f off bitch.

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