Touching the politics of nepal, Why do people want the king to return ➤

Touching the politics of nepal, Why do people want the king to return

Before you start to comment about how your side is superior I would love to have you read the thing I am writing down first.

In this explanation, I will try to make sense of both sides as much as I can. I do agree that I might have some biases towards a certain side, however, I hope that you can view it from your perspective rather than just what I have written and copy my personal unique opinions.

**The history:**

Nepal has gone through several civil wars. Those wars for freedom and democracy have shaped the current Nepal as we know today. After ranas essentially removed the power from the king and started to rule in their own favor, people felt a sense of hopelessness and unfairness. Since the powers were held by a single family which created policies that do not benefit the common people, the uneasiness kept rising till it hit a critical point leading to several small scale revolutions which eventually lead to 2007 revolution. This was one of the first instance of Nepali movement towards freedom. The revolution created a council to govern the country which was supervised by the King as well as people from both ranas and the party leaders.

However, the presence of ranas in the council lead to several instances where the council had to be reformed, the systems had to be changed and so on. Eventually Ranas were removed and peace was restored for a decent period of time.

Now comes the panchayat system. Although the council was now composted of people elected by the common people, king still had power over them, which lead to the king eventually creating his own system, removing the multiparty democracy and became the main cause of revolution of 2046.

Similarly, the movement of 2062-63 too was intendent to remove King Gyanendara as he seized all power in the country, making the country undemocratic.

Now, with the present data we can conclude that Nepal has had several instances of people walking to be as democratic as possible. After several of these instance, king eventually lost power as the people started to realize that an entity above the normal law, unremovable without a huge cost and chosen by bloodlines are welp not sure to be great. Now lets go towards the sides of the current time


**The king supporters:**

Although, the constitution of Nepal, favours democracy, new leaders are extremely rare in the current parliament. With the majority of people still voting for the same candidates without witnessing any chance, many people have gotten tired of the system of governance. We can our self clearly see that the economy of Nepal as of current time is slowly degrading as more people are going abroad, government is not providing enough support and the developmental pace is very low.

People are angry at the government for the lack of development and believe that a leader capable of completely throwing everyone out for doing bad, a sole entity capable of overruling unfairness and providing for the people will be a better chance for people.

With this motive in mind and a heart tired out by the same shitty leaders of the country, many youths and even a lot of older generations are out in the streets wanting the king and monarchy back.

**The other side of the argument:**

I don’t think much needs to be said about this. Democracy is the best form of governance for people at its ideal state. However, when its unideal it could lead to corruption and what we see in nepal at the moment. Republic side tries to argue how its simply too much of a risk to give power to a single entity who can not be removed without suffering significant losses.

Although we can see that the country has been losing its youth a lot, it tends to talk about how change requires time and we are slowly improving and so oh blah blah blah.

TLDR FOR THIS : Democracy is the best as the people get to choose the best and it works for the people and has better capabilities to run a nation


**My personal conclusion:**


**I am highly pro republic if you couldn’t tell that by now but yeah. When you are choosing to hand over power of an entire nation, something that sustains lives of countless children, women and men to a being because of simply being born of a bloodline, ignoring the presence of whether he/she is even capable of running an entire nation is simply Stupid.**

**We are all humans by nature, even the kings we talk about. They too have personal desires and when we simply give them the power to do anything, what makes you think that they will always work for you. Sure for 1 or 2 generations the people might be loved by the king but what If a king isn’t the good king we know anymore.**

The thing is that the Pro king side of the argument fails instantly when we talk about the failure of the king itself. Their side is completely reliant on a single random entity, possibly without any capability to even do critical decisions.

How can a person expect a country that is somehow degrading even when people are choosing the people they think are the best to develop under a person chosen because of being born from a certain bloodline. Its just simply stupid. Also nepals economy has been growing in the past year although I believe its still in really critical junction of working and failing : ([lingus](

Democracy is a system lead by people. It works for the people. The monarchial system isn’t guaranteed to work for the people. Its just simply a stupid argument and a really risky one at that.

Democracy has never failed our country, the people have.

IF you think about democracy like computer, you can use it to study or watch adult content all day. Sure the computer itself allows access to adult content but that is never the main cause of not studying

Similarly same leaders are getting elected because the people are incompetent

Do not blame a system when the user itself is completely stupid to use it

So whats the best way to go further

Teach critical thinking skills. Many of my own friends are extremely pro king, believing that kings will bring jobs, money and magically make Nepal better. Unfortunately for them, reality is often disappointing. Most of the public are manipulated easily due to their lack of knowledge about economy and politics. Jobs can not appear out of nowhere, corruption was a huge problem even when monarchy existed, Nepal obviously lacks money to be developed out of nowhere and magic isn’t real.

They think that King will bring better times but never want to go deeper than that level of thinking.

When you only look at the outcome without managing the way its obvious that u will fall so deep down that you will ultimately never climb up.

Without Critical thinking, they blindly support radical aggressive moves against the government and become sheep minded who have no understanding of actual situation of nepal or whatsoever.

Therefore, I think that Nepalese should not give up on their freedom, hoping for a better country that will magically occur, thinking that king can fix all problems and instead focus on electing their leaders by thinking critically.

If only these pro kings were to teach the newer generation to use peace, proper thinking and logic instead of just ideologies, may be they would actually contribute to make a better Nepal and a safer Nepal at that.

I am not the best in English writing but I hope you get the gist of it.


TLDR: Pro King people think king can magically solve all issues in Nepal which realistically isn’t possible if you think about the fact that a system created to elect the best is obviously going to be better than a system where the power is given cuz you got born in a certain bloodline. Similarly, the current situation of Nepal isn’t due to Democracy being bad but because the people are simply stupid and do not think critically enough to vote properly which should be improved in this country for sure instead of just blaming the system.

Blame the user, not the system, for the system is just a tool, can be used for good or for bad. Teach the user how to be better instead.

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