Tootle Introduces New Commission Rates for Riders: Enhancing Earnings and Affordability ➤

Tootle Introduces New Commission Rates for Riders: Enhancing Earnings and Affordability

Nepal's Tootle Revamps Commission Structure to Boost Rider Earnings and Passenger Affordability

Tootle, the leading ride-hailing platform in Nepal, has rolled out a significant update to its commission system for riders, effective from April 14.

Under the revamped commission structure, cab riders will now enjoy a commission rate of 12 percent, while bike riders will receive 15 percent.

This strategic move by Tootle aims to maximize earnings for its diverse network of riders, while simultaneously ensuring competitive pricing for passengers, according to a recent statement by the company.

Rubik Joshi, Managing Director of Zapp Services Pvt Ltd, the parent company of Tootle, expressed the company’s commitment to enhancing the overall experience for both riders and users. He stated, “We are continually working towards improving the Tootle experience for all parties involved. The introduction of the new commission structure underscores our dedication to fostering a sustainable ecosystem that benefits everyone.”

The adjustment in commission rates comes as part of Tootle’s ongoing efforts to create a more equitable and profitable environment for its riders, who play a crucial role in the platform’s operations.

This latest update is expected to provide a significant boost to rider earnings, thereby incentivizing more individuals to join the Tootle network and contribute to its growth.

Tootle’s decision to differentiate commission rates between cab and bike riders reflects its commitment to catering to the specific needs and preferences of its diverse pool of partners.

With these changes, Tootle aims to solidify its position as the go-to ride-hailing platform in Nepal, offering both riders and passengers unparalleled value and convenience.