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Unsettling feeling because of friends..

So 3 of us were friends since 6 years. Recently 2 jana cahi arkai college ma gako chan. Different sections but same college. Ani I am afnu bato ma. I always treated both of them the same but they used to call each other “bestfriends” and all pailai dekhi. Paila paila hurt hunthyo but aile baani bhaisakyo. Paila atleast bhetne bela kura haru interesting hunthyo sab jana ek arka ko sunthyo and kura haru share garthyo. But aile they have new common friends group ani the entire time i meet them, they keep talking about their friends. They dont even know what am I doing in my life. Maile k job gardai chu, ma kaha study gardai chu. I have a guy ani we’re serious about it ani family lai bhanne type kura hudai thyo ani ma kya excited bhayera uniharu lai share garchu bhanera socheko but every time I started talking about this they cut me off ani uniharu kai college friends ko kura sunauna thalyo. They didn’t even listen to me. Paila bhetne bela ghar nai najam jasto hunthyo but recently ma ghar kaile jam geet sundai atleast I’ll feel good jasto huna thalisakyo.

I understand you meet different people life ko different stages ma ani you outgrow friends but how do I get rid of this unsettling feeling?

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