Travel to the Wild (Budget Update)

Travel to the Wild (Budget Update)

A lot of people seemed to talk about how they would do the same if they had the money so I think it’s time for update on my expenditures.

Day 0-1
Bus to Kakarvitta :- 1350
Tea and cig:- 50
Tea and cig:- 50
Tea and cig:- 50

Day 1
Meal at nice place in Kabarvitta:- 360
Water bottle :- 30
Charger:- 250

From here, the numbers are in INR
Bus to Silighuri:- 50
Sugarcane Juice:- 30
Simcard:- 500 (1 month)
Biryani:- 120
Pepsi:- 15
Hostel:- 260 (Including breakfast)

Day 2:-
Cigarettes:- box (360)
Breakfast:- 0 (included on hostel)
Rice and Fish lunch:- 100
Travel to Kolkata:- Sleeper (400)
Dinner:- 140

This budget could have been a lot had I traveled in Flight instead of train and lived in hotel instead of hostel. But controlling one’s expenses is like this, sacrificing comfort for long travel. As long as you can enjoy, that’s all you need.

Post day 3 updates coming from tomorrow. Thank you for reading. 🙂

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