State of ecommerce ➤

State of ecommerce

Recently, I (originally from Kathmandu) was in Biratnagar and wanted to order some clothes online for an event. While I’m in Kathmandu, I shop at least once a month from various sellers that I find on Instagram. Sure enough, most of the well known shops (atleast known to me) are based in Kathmandu. My first instinct was to head to Instagram to make order. To my surprise (after 2-3 hours of waiting for their reply of course) they (3-4 sellers) hesitated to proceed my order because it had to be delivered outside valley. They had “delivery all over Nepal” in their bio but they didn’t reply further after I stated the location. I figured, these sellers are in need of finding new customers (I mean who don’t want new customers anyway) but they are having difficulties connecting to other parts of Nepal. Most shops I know don’t place their orders in Daraz because of the high commission rates maybe? I find myself ordering less clothes from Daraz, their platform just isn’t suited for fashion products…maybe it’s just me though. What are your takes on this? With growing trend of ecommerce and fashion in Nepal maybe we are in need of a “fashion” marketplace to fill this gap?

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