Silent Suffering: The Ignored Plight of Passengers on Nepal's Highways! ➤

Silent Suffering: The Ignored Plight of Passengers on Nepal’s Highways!

Hailing from western Nepal, I typically make the journey from Kathmandu to my hometown two to three times a year. When traveling by bus, most, if not all, night buses halt at isolated places where no other hotels are available. This compels passengers to opt for a single expensive hotel that provides unjust services in relation to the charges imposed on customers. Buses gain commissions from these establishments, causing inconvenience to the passengers.

While traveling, I often contemplate the prices of food and other items along the highways of Nepal. Particularly in Dharke and the other bus stops around Dhading, cheating and fraudulent activities targeting normal travelers are at their peak. Without any regard for humanity, they engage in deception, charging even more than Rs 500 for a half plate of chowmein, something the customer is aware of when settling the bill.

I won’t delve further into Dharke and other areas up to RAMPUR Chitwan, as their actions and business practices prioritize immediate gains, forsaking all human traits. Regular passengers, often traveling on a limited budget, face significant difficulties due to these issues.

Such fraudulence is widespread across almost all highways throughout the country. Why hasn’t the government and the concerned authorities taken any action against them yet? They seem to turn a blind eye. Additionally, mainstream media and so-called reputable online newspapers haven’t contributed a single word to this issue.

Have you faced any experiences you’d like to share?

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