Rant: Be one of the brilliant minds of this country, study the hardest…. just to get beaten by some bastards!!!

Rant: Be one of the brilliant minds of this country, study the hardest…. just to get beaten by some bastards!!!

Rant: Be one of the brilliant minds of this country, study the hardest.... just to get beaten by some bastards!!!

Being a doc in Nepal is a fault. Study 11-12 from a biological science background. Prepare for entrance. If cleared; study medicine. If failed; drop a year and prepare again. Get into medical college. Get ragged by seniors. Follow senior etiquette. Do practical notes of seniors. study 19 subjects throughout 5.5 years. Go to field trips(Well; that’s fun). Find out that a dog’s life is much easier and wish you were one. Grind your a55 off to pass the exams. Work 14 hours continuously everyday for a minimum wage of 20k for more than half a year as internship. Again grind your a55 off for NMCLE (license exams). Then work for government job at a rural area for 1 year or 2 depending on you studied self-funded or government-funded scheme.

Then again, prepare for CEE PG because you want to stay in Nepal and not go to US, Aus or Ind. Prepare for the entrance which is much harder than the UG entrance. Then clear the entrance exam and begin as a resident doctor. Do you think life would be easy by this point? Pff…. Not yet.
Follow these rules and regulations: [https://www.instagram.com/p/Cw75pJpIaEI/](https://www.instagram.com/p/Cw75pJpIaEI/)
and stay silent for 3 years. Yup. Only 15 days holidays throughout the whole year. You are expected to be a machine and never fall sick too. Then start working at a hospital with a pay of something about 1.5 lakh monthly. Your friends, who went abroad after clearing 12th are decently earning above 5000$, can save a huge chunk and you’re here serving people for a mere 1000$.

You’re helping people now. Is it satisfying? Wait….. You won, but at what cost?
You lost 6 years of early 20s on studying for bachelor’s degree. Then, 2 years for bonding/rural-posting. Then 3 years for Residency. That too if you cleared all exams on the first try itself. If not; you might have to drop some years to reach here. That means; you’re 30+ y-old, have a bachelors degree; a specialization and some loans probably.
**You’ll be threatened and beaten up by people enraged by the death/severity of their relative who is admitted. You can make no mistakes. You’re a doctor. You’ll have to take care of your patients and their family and their relatives and their neighbor; everybody’s mental well-being coz you never know when and by whom you’re going to get attacked.**
It was 10 years ago when people actually respected doctors. Nobody respects doctors now.
You came in this field to save lives. But look at you now. You’re trying to save your own life from these bullish dunks who can accuse you of killing someone whom you actually tried your best to save. Yes; murder charges pressed against doctors sometimes.

Well, no need to get scared. That’s the severity of choosing medicine and you chose to be here.


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